MeHI Grantee Forum - Nov 1 2016

Event Materials

Access to event materials such as presentation slides and video recordings have been made available below.

Presentation Slides

Morning Sessions

Enterprise Consent Model for use with the Mass HIway

Deborah Adair, Partners Healthcare

Slides | Recording

Communication Tools to Improve Behavioral Health Information Sharing

Gail Fournier, MeHI

Slides | Recording

Workflow Planning/Implementation & Change Management

Michelle Schneider, Iatric Systems 

Slides | Recording







Breakout Sessions

Leverage the Mass HIway to Improve Care Coordination

Mass HIway Team

Slides | Recording

Measurement Strategies: Using EHR Data to Improve Outcomes 

Stephanie Baker & Dawn Hobill, Healthcentric Advisors

Slides | Recording

Prescription Monitoring Program: The Massachusetts Prescription Monitoring Tool (MassPAT)

Eric Sheehan, MA DPH

Slides | Recording






Connected Communities Grantee Showcase

Connected Communities: Berkshire Health Systems  

Dr. Mark Snowise, M.D., Berkshire Health Systems

Slides | Recording

Lowell General PHO: MeHI Connected Communities Project

Cristin Freed & Nikki Starrett, Lowell General Hospital PHO

Slides | Recording

Whittier IPA: Wellport Medication Reconciliation Process

Dr. Joe Heyman, M.D., Whittier IPA

Slides | Recording

Reliant Medical Group: IMPACT 2.0

Dr. Larry Garber, M.D., Reliant Medical Group

Slides | Recording