Mass HIway

In 2012, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts launched the Mass HIway, the statewide Health Information Exchanges (HIE). This publicly supported HIE enables the secure electronic transfer of clinical and other patient health data among organizations, including hospitals, doctors offices, pharmacies, laboratories, skilled nursing facilities, and other healthcare entities.

Providers can send and receive health information via the HIway, and the connected HIE networks, to obtain the medical history and coordinate the care of their patients. This provides a safer way of sharing patient information than faxing or mailing.

The HIway operates a Direct Messaging platform. Direct Messaging is a way to securely exchange information between healthcare entities. The HIway can be used to connect the Electronic Health Record systems (EHR) of the entities to communicate from EHR to EHR via Direct Messaging. Providers who don’t have an EHR can use the HIway’s standalone secure Webmail for Direct Messaging.

The Mass HIway is operated by EOHHS. The HIway is financed through a state-federal partnership with the Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). MeHI's role is to encourage and support the adoption of the Mass HIway and HIE across Massachusetts.

New Mass HIway Website

While MeHI continues to support the Mass HIway, the HIE and HIway resources developed by MeHI will no longer be available on the MeHI website. These resources have been consolidated onto the new Mass HIway website. To access the Mass HIway website, click here, or click on the links included below to review specific content on the Mass HIway website.

Links to Mass HIway Services

For information on the available HIway Services, click here. These services include: 
     HIway Direct Messaging
     HIway Account Management Support
     Public Health Reporting
     Statewide ENS Framework

Note: Effective October 1, 2021, the Mass HIway no longer provides HAUS Services. To learn about alternatives, click here.

Links to Mass HIway Resources

To access the available HIway and HIE Resources, click here. These resources include:
     Provider Directory 2.0
     Trading Partner Directory
     HIway Connections Map
     HIway Webmail Tutorial
     HIE Spotlight Stories
     HIE Use Case Toolkit
     Query HIE Toolkit

Other Useful Links

To review the HIway regulations and attestation requirements, resources, and forms, click here.

To access the HIway newsletters, click here.

To review on demand webinars related to the Mass HIway services and regulations, click here

To enroll in the Mass HIway or to subscribe to the HIway Newsletter, click here.

For more information, contact the Mass HIway at

  1-855-MA-HIway (Options: 1 = Enrollment, 2 = Support, 3 = Information)

   For general inquiries:

   For technical support: