Change Management and Process Improvement Workshops

MeHI runs free-of-charge Change Management and Process Improvement workshops to present and discuss practical models and ideas for effective team building, leadership development, coaching, building on strengths, understanding perspectives and personality traits, negotiating for win-win, using metrics, facilitating process mapping, and other process improvement and change management topics.

These engaging hands-on workshops are intended for managers and staff at healthcare facilities. The content is people and process oriented and only touches lightly on technical or regulation aspects. You will engage in discussions to share your own experiences, hands-on exercises to select and address process challenges of the group’s interest, and fun team-building activities to get to know the other participants.

You will join in an extended process mapping exercise to map out process(es) selected by the group. In this activity, you will learn how to facilitate process mapping and enable improvement discussions based on the Simplified Bottleneck Resolution method. This pragmatic method will be explained during the presentations.

Providers who are Meaningful Use (MU) participants, are implementing Health Information Exchange (HIE), or are engaged in other Health IT projects, are encouraged to attend the workshop, as it will enable their projects. For instance, past participants have mapped out their Electronic Patient Engagement and Health Information Exchange processes.

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