eHealth eQuality

The eHealth eQuality program is designed to support Behavioral Health (BH) and Long-Term and Post-Acute Care (LTPAC) providers in Massachusetts in the adoption of interoperable Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems.  The effective use of EHRs helps improve the quality and efficiency of health care.

Patients transition between healthcare settings to obtain the full spectrum of care they need. It is important that BH, LTPAC and other providers adopt EHRs and electronically communicate with each other when they treat the same patients.   For instance, BH and Primary Care providers work together when patients struggling with depression have difficulty with chronic illness management, and LTPAC and hospitals partner for post-operative care when patients transition to rehab services.  Effective communication leveraging Health IT facilitates providers to share vital information, avoid drug interactions, and improve the continuum of care for their patients.

Most BH and LTPAC providers are not eligible to participate in other EHR incentive programs and may lack access to other resources to procure and implement EHRs.  As a result, they are slower to adopt EHRs.  According to MeHI’s 2014 Provider & Consumer Health IT Research Study, non-affiliated BH and LTPAC providers in Massachusetts have an EHR adoption rate that is far below the rate of Primary Care and other specialty providers.  

MeHI's program assists BH and LTPAC providers in the procurement and implementation of interoperable EHRs and in the effective use of these technologies. This use will facilitate these providers joining other providers in using Health IT to enhance patient care coordination, ease transitions of care, and advance healthcare in Massachusetts.

Program Highlights:

  • Education and resources to support EHR strategic planning 
  • Evidence-based guidance for adoption of EHRs
  • Incentive funds for eligible organizations to integrate Health IT
  • Assistance on how to navigate the EHR procurement process
  • Support for building a foundation to digitally coordinate care 
  • Guidance for transacting on the MA Statewide HIE - the Mass HIway

Grantee Program Webpages

BH Grantee Information

LTPAC Grantee Information

EHR Toolkit

The EHR Toolkit provides a structured process for how to evaluate and select a vendor, and important considerations when purchasing an EHR.

HIE Toolkit

The HIE Toolkit provides tools and use case examples for guiding an organization through the Health Information Exchange (HIE) process.