Health IT Stories

Our Health IT spotlight, use case, and success stories showcase a comprehensive perspective on how other healthcare providers approached their Health IT projects and the impact this had on their patient care.

MeHI develops these stories to assist other provider organizations to resolve similar challenges, model after best practices, benefit from lessons learned, and be encouraged to continue their Health IT implementation plans.

HIE Spotlight Stories


Stories that describe an organization's challenge, how health information exchange provided an effective solution, and the impact this had on workflow efficiencies, communication, and/or patient care.

HIE Use Case Stories


Learn about healthcare organizations that used health information exchange to improve communication among care providers, reduce hospital readmissions, improve patient care, and to meet Meaningful Use objectives. 

EHR Spotlight Stories


Stories that describe the challenge, solution, and impact of the adoption or upgrade of an EHR system, or of the advanced utilization of an existing EHR system.

EHR Success Stories

Stories about Massachusetts providers who adopted an EHR system to improve patient care, enhance operational efficiencies, and reduce costs.


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Massachusetts EHR Success Stories