EHR Spotlight Stories

MeHI develops EHR spotlight stories to showcase the progress made throughout the Commonwealth in the adoption of Electronic Health Record systems. Spotlight stories describe an organization's challenge, how an EHR system provided an effective solution, and the impact this had on workflow efficiencies, communication, and/or patient care.

We encourage you to review the stories in this library when planning your EHR implementation, for instance to model after other EHR implementations, to find tips to overcome workflow challenges, or to learn about the impact EHR use can have on patient care.



Electronic Health Record Stories

  South Shore Mental Health realizes benefit of early EHR adoption


Wediko Children's Services proactively engages staff to drive EHR implementation


CleanSlate enhances EHR system to optimize care delivery


Cutchins Programs celebrates first anniversary of integrated EHR system



South Cove Community Health Center leverages EHR to improve patient outcomes

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