Behavioral Health Information Sharing

Fall 2016

Working with representatives from 18 diverse healthcare organizations, MeHI developed tools to facilitate information-sharing in Behavioral Health settings. The tools were designed to help providers communicate the benefits of sharing patient information, as well as understand the clinical and legal considerations involved with Behavioral Health disclosures.

The resources generated through this Learning Collaborative include:

  • a consent template;
  • an informational handout for patients; and
  • three discussion documents for providers.

Please note: The communication tools were developed and vetted by members of the Learning Collaborative and reviewed by legal counsel. They are provided below in editable format to allow organizations to customize the documents with their name, logo, and contact information. MeHI advises against making substantive changes to the content, unless those changes are reviewed and approved by an organization’s own legal representatives.

Behavioral Health Information-Sharing Tools:


Administrator FAQs

Consent Template

Patient Handout

Patient Talking Points

Provider Discussion Document (Updated 2021 version from the 2021 Learning Collaborative)