Improving HIE Receiving Side Workflow through Process Improvement

Spring - Fall 2018 HIE Learning Collaborative and Workshops

MeHI worked with representatives from 12 healthcare organizations to apply people-oriented change management and process improvement strategies to workflows on the receiving side of HIE. Over a series of three interactive sessions, participants reviewed change management and process mapping concepts, and applied them to challenges organizations face after receiving healthcare documents via HIE.

The tools and resources developed through this Learning Collaborative were designed to lay the groundwork for organizations to make improvements to their own HIE workflows through process mapping and implementation of best practices. In the fall of 2018, the resources were expanded with the assistance of participants of MeHI's Process Improvement Workshops.

The resources generated through this Learning Collaborative and the Workshops include the process maps shown below.

HIE Process Maps


PDF Process Map Downloads



Closed-loop referral between a PCP and a specialist

Closed Loop Referral

This map depicts ow to ensure a closed-loop referral workflow in cases where a Primary Care Provider (PCP) refers a patient to a specialist, and the specialist then examines the patient and sends a consult note back to the patient’s PCP.

This workflow can be used as a template to map any closed-loop referral process.

  • PDF Map
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  • Referrals:
    Things to Consider – coming soon
  • Best Practices: HIE Receiving Side – coming soon
A closed-loop referral between a PCP and specialist, with a highlight on referral scheduling

PCP to
Specialist Referral – Scheduling

​This map represents a closed-loop referral process from a primary care physician (PCP) to a specialist.

The workflow highlights multiple ways to schedule an appointment with a specialist and how to ensure that each method results in appropriate communication and follow-up.

Management of patient panel assigned to MassHealth ACO lead Community Partner (CP)
who then refers a subset of patients to a CP Affiliate


This map represents cases where a MassHealth ACO's lead Community Partner (CP) organization receives a patient panel list and refers a subset of the patients to a CP Affiliate.

This work-in-progress map can be used to discuss how to efficiently manage the ACO referral process. We welcome feedback from ACO and CP organizations so we can continue to refine this map.

Medication reconciliation for a patient discharged from acute care and referred to a specialist


This map illustrates how to generate and maintain an accurate and complete medication list when a patient is discharged from an acute care facility and referred to a specialist for follow-up care.

The map can be used as a template for transition of care processes in which medication reconciliation needs to occur.

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  • Visio Map
  • Medication Reconciliation: Things to Consider – coming soon
  • Best Practices:
    HIE Receiving
    Side – coming soon

Other Health IT Process Maps


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Management of a Health IT development project

Health IT Project

This map shows how to manage the development of a Health IT project, from problem breakdown, design and implementation, to testing, and ultimately to product release.

The map offers a starting point for organizations aiming to efficiently build a comprehensive solution that involves developing new software or tools with involvement of the clinical and software development staff.